Projects Funded by the Trust

To give an idea of the kind of projects the AFMT supports, a few are outlined below:

  • A grant to take 12 young people from a cycling project in Bristol to progress their mountain biking skills on a trip to the Forest of Dean.
  • An Outward Bound Course for 17 year-old girl from Glasgow to help her develop leadership skills and pursue a career in outdoor activities.
  • Money to help the HOPE project set up a club for local youths in Cannock to develop their interest in climbing.
  • Financial support for a group of young women from East London with a passion for indoor climbing to try the sport outdoors.
  • Kayaking sessions for six young carers in Nottingham to turn a developing interest into a more permanent hobby and introduce them to a local kayak club and access coaching and equipment. 
  • Funding for a group of young people at risk to go on ‘Wicked Walks’ to develop their outdoor experience and explore Dartmoor.