Information for Applicants

The AFMT funds projects that give disadvantaged young people the chance to develop an existing interest in the great outdoors. Outdoor activities means walking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, sailing, horse riding and residential courses at outdoor centres.

  • The AFMT supports projects taking place within the United Kingdom, for reasons of cost-effectiveness.
  • We prefer that applicants have done some fund-raising.
  • We usually support organisations, but if an individual wants to apply, we need a referee.
  • The AFMT doesn’t fund taster sessions or one-off trips.
  • We are unlikely to support environmental organisations, unless there is a strong outdoor element to the application.
  • We do not support foreign trips.
  • We don’t support capital projects.

Mostly, we’re looking for enthusiasm and imagination.

How to apply

The AFMT does not have an application form. The projects we support are so varied it would be difficult to design one. But each application should answer the following questions. Applications should be made via email if possible, but written applications are acceptable.

  • Who is applying?
  • What do you propose to do? And where?
  • Who will benefit? Why do they deserve our support?
  • What fund raising are you doing or plan to do?
  • What is the overall budget?
  • How much are you applying for?
  • What are your plans for supporting the individual or group to continue this type of activity and further develop their skills or interest? What have you done before?
  • If you’re an individual applying for a grant, don’t forget to get a reference from a teacher or care-worker.